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  • BART train westbound in West Oakland by Pi.1415926535 from Wikimedia Commons

    BART Extension Rolls

    BART’s extension to Antioch from the previous terminal at the Pittsburg/Bay Point station has officially opened in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. The new [...]
  • 'The Overland' train headed for Adelaide

    Rail Passes in Australia

    Australian passenger trains are operated mainly by separate state railway systems, with intercity passenger services provided by the separate lines based in Queensland, New [...]
  • Kurobe Gorge Railway by Hiroyuki Mori from Nishinomiya, Japan via Wikimedia Commons

    Riding the Rails in Japan

    Most visitors traveling around Japan plan on using the country’s extensive railway system. Japan built the world’s first dedicated high-speed rail line, between [...]
  • #1271 climbing the Opapa incline

    New Zealand Rail Passes

    New Zealand’s KiwiRail passenger system targets visitors with three trains operated mainly for their scenic values rather than as routine transportation. All three [...]
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“Split Tickets” Cut Rail Costs in the U.K.?

by editor in DEALS

Raileasy, a big online rail ticket specialist, operates an affiliated website dedicated to cutting costs by splitting a long trip into separate low-fare segments. Currently, [...]


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