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Amtrak Says “Bring it on” for Thanksgiving

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Amtrak is ready to handle an expected surge in train travel during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, which it describes as the “busiest travel week of the year.” It will operate every available car in its entire fleet, some as additional trains, others tacked onto regular trains.

The biggest departure from normal operations is that several routes that normally do not require reservations will require them during the holiday period:

  • Hiawatha trains between Chicago and Milwaukee, Nov. 20-25.
  • Pacific Sunliner trains between San Diego, Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo, Nov. 21-25.
  • San Joaquin trains linking Emeryville and Sacramento with Bakersfield, Nov. 18-26.

In addition to Thanksgiving changes, Amtrak usually adds its only eastern dome car to the Adirondack for fall foliage viewing. It hasn’t announced the dates yet, but it will probably sometime in October. Amtrak has only the one car available, so it will operate only on alternate days in both directions. Also, you can expect similar additional service for the Christmas and new year’s holiday periods. Amtrak’s website automatically posts added trains.

Ed Perkins, editor

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