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Amtrak Speeds Trains Between Chicago and Detroit

A Wolverine train at Ann Arbor in 2019 by Michael Barera via Wikimedia Commons A Wolverine train at Ann Arbor in 2019 by Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Amtrak “Wolverine” Chicago-Detroit trains have been cleared to operate at up to 110 mph on the 45 miles between Kalamazoo and Albion, starting May 25. The increased speed limit, matching the limit already in force between Porter and Kalamazoo is the result of Amtrak’s program of upgrading roadbeds and signals on state-owned and Amtrak-owned track segments. It also illustrates Amtrak’s not “high-speed,” but “high enough speed to make a difference” strategy on several Midwestern routes radiating from Chicago.

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Ed Perkins, editor

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